Hello! 🙂

There are so many kpop events happening around the country. (Concerts, Showcases, Conventions, Fairs, Fan meets, etc.) There are just as many resources online for information and updates. This blog will focus on Florida, especially South Florida! You will not find personal fangirl/boy posts. There is more than enough of that out there lol.

Thanks to kpop and the friends I made through it, I fell in love with other Asian cultures, genres of music and traveling. Fans I spoke with at different concerts and events held here in Miami mentioned how they wish they had friends who were into the same thing 😦 Some fans missed out on different events because they didn’t know about it.

Please feel free to talk or ask me about anything! I want this blog to be the place where you can get information, find things to do, and hopefully make friends. I’ll mostly be active on Twitter so make sure to say hi!! Posts on big events will be found here but I’ll mostly be active on twitter with updates on everything big to small like movie releases, events, celeb sightings, etc. I hope I’ll be able to expand and have Orlando peeps join the team one day.

Oh! I am a foodie and EXTREMELY ADDICTED to bubble milk tea lol. I’ll once in a while post about some of my favorite places for traveling fans or even for South Florida natives.