See Jackie Chan and Tao star in Railroad Tigers in South Miami

This January, see the martial arts action comedy, Railroad Tigers.


(Cr: Well Go USA Weibo)

According to Variety, Railroad Tigers (铁道飞虎) is “set in 1941 with Chan playing a railroad worker who leads a team of fighters to derail the Japanese war effort by using his deep knowledge of the train network, ambushing soldiers and stealing supplies to feed the starving Chinese.”


(Cr: Railroads Tigers Weibo)

Huang Zitao, better known as Tao, plays a major role in the film. It also stars Wang Kai and Darren Wang.

AMC Sunset Place 24 in South Miami started their limited screening of the film on January 6, 2017. Online tickets and showtimes are now available HERE.

railroad-tigers-stillscreen huang-zitao-as-dahai jackie-chan-ma-yuan wang-kai-fan-chuan

(Image credits 1, 2, 3, 4)

Thank you Well Go USA for bringing another great movie to Miami. Visit their official website, Twitter and Facebook.

Railroad Tiger’s official Weibo.


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