Miami hosts the Lantern Light Festival this holiday

I’ve been looking forward to the Lantern Light Festival for over two months. This Thursday, I finally went with the other admins and it was a beautiful night.


The festival travels around the world and the handcrafted lanterns are from China. The 400 foot dragon was awesome. There were activities such as golf, a virtual reality roller coaster, a Chinese acrobat show and more. I had noodles for dinner but there was a nice variety to choose from like pizza and elephant ears for those who prefer traditional fair food.

20161208_194449_wm 20161208_212534_wm
20161208_204023_wm 20161208_213332_wm

The festival was going to be in town until January 8, 2017 but it has now been extended to January 29th due to large requests. Tickets can be bought online or in front of the gate. Check out some of the photos I took and the highlight video below.

20161208_201136_wm 20161208_201335_wm 20161208_201649_wm

I really enjoyed the show. The dance introduction was my favorite part.

20161208_210109_wm 20161208_211042_wm 20161208_211437_wm

Lantern Light Festival’s official website and Facebook.


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