The Salty Donut, Miami’s first artisanal donut shop, officially opens

I have been waiting to make this post for almost a year now! The people behind The Salty Donut have no idea how happy they made me when I received an invite to their private soft grand opening today before their public grand opening tomorrow in Wynwood.


I thought I didn’t like donuts since I never enjoyed them but The Salty Donut made me realize it was because I’ve never had gourmet. Miami’s first artisanal donut shop made its first official appearance last year and is not only nationally recognized, but is on several lists of top donut shops.

Check out some of the donuts that were sold during the year…..


20160220_114056 20160220_114206 20161202_094020 20161202_094357

  • Boston Creme – 24 hour raised brioche donut filled with Bavarian cream filling, salted chocolate ganache, topped with chocolate curls & cocoa dust
  • Eggnog Creme Brulee – 24 hour raised brioche scooped out and filled with homemade torched eggnog custar. Topped with homemade whip cream and fresh berries.


20160129_112550 20160205_112053  20160220_114006 20160220_114500

  • Coffee Crumb  – Cinnamon coffee swirl cake donut with Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso glaze & cinnamon crumb topping
  • Cookies + Cream – Tahitian Vanilla bean cake donut with Oreo cookie swirl, buttercream glaze & topped with Oreo cookie crumble
  • Blueberry Crumb – Blueberry cake donut, wild blueberry glaze & cinnamon streusel


20160220_114705  20161123_111034

  • Baked Samoa ‘Cookie’ – Baked cake donut covered in coconut milk caramel, toasted coconut, & dark chocolate ganache (GLUTEN FREE, VEGAN)
  • Baked Sweet Potato Pie  – Baked sweet potato donut, chocolate crusted bottom, sweet potato glaze & topped with homemade gingersnap streusel & William Wolf Whiskey infused marshmallow fluff (GLUTEN FREE, VEGAN)
  • Baked Cookie + Cream  – Baked chocolate cake donut with a homemade ‘oreo cookie’ buttercream, white chocolate glaze, & mini dark chocolate chips (GLUTEN FREE)



  • Guava + Cheese  – 24 hour raised brioche donut with guava & cream cheese filling, cream cheese glaze, topped with Galleta Maria crumble
  • Maple Bacon – 24 hour raised brioche donut with pure maple glaze, J.Wakefield UJP Porter redux, & Miami Smokers ‘bacon cracklings

A couple of my favorites….

20160514_115435 20160108_111729

  • Peach + Bourbon – 24 hour raised brioche donut topped with Florida peach compote, homemade caramel popcorn granola, honey mascarpone, & bourbon drizzle
  • Mimosa – 24 hour raised brioche with champagne glaze, candied orange peel & candied orange segments


20160129_112241 20161202_095304
  • Nutella Spiked Donut Hole – 24 hr raised brioche donut hole with milk chocolate glaze, rolled in hazelnuts & paired with a Nutella shooter.
  • Burbon Apple Cider Spike Donut Hole – 24 hr brioche donut hole covered in an oat streusel paired with a shooter of burbon & homemade spiced apple cider
  • Coquito Spiked Donut Hole – 24 hr raised brioche donut hole covered in cinnamon sugar & paired with a reduction of Coquito made from local Wanda’s Coquito


20151213_112057 20161202_085829

CEREAL MILK LATTE – Intelligentsia Black Cat Classic espresso, homemade Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal milk, served over ice or hot
COLD BREW PALMER – Intelligentsia Black Cat Cold Brew paired with homemade lemonade and simple syrup, served over ice.

(Original Pop Up)

The Salty Donut. 50 NW 24th St. #112 Miami, FL 33127. Official website, Instagram and Facebook.


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