GOT7 Flight Log: Turbulence Fanmeet in Miami Guide

What a surprise!! South Florida is about to be taken over by iGot7!!


(Cr: SubKulture Facebook)

Earlier today, SubKulture Entertainment announced the tour dates for the GOT7 FLIGHT LOG: TURBULENCE IN USA 2017 fanmeet. Miami will kick it off on January 21, 2017.

For the latest updates or if you just want to get excited with other fans, visit the official Facebook event page.

Got7’s official website, Facebook, Twitter.

Thank you so much SubKulture Entertainment! Visit their official website, Facebook and Twitter.



(Cr: SubKulture Ent Facebook)

Tickets are now on sale. Click HERE to purchase.



(Cr: Subkulture Ent Facebook)

Official merchandise is now on sale. You can purchase even if you will not be going to the event. Click HERE for details and to purchase.



(Cr: The Fillmore Facebook)

The fanmeet will take place at The Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theater. 1700 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139.



(Cr: SubKulture Ent Facebook)

The official seating chart for the GOT7 FLIGHT LOG: [TURBULENCE] IN USA 2017 fanmeet in Miami.




(Cr: SubKulture Facebook)

Want to support the boys and help promote the fanmeet? You can become a member of the official Street Team. Click HERE to fill out the form. Monday, November 28th at 5:00pm PDT is the deadline.


(Cr: Subkulture Ent Facebook)

Click HERE to read the complete guidelines and to fill out the form to volunteer at the fanmeet. Deadline is on Thursday, January 5th at 12PM PST.



(Screenshot from Flash Mob event page)

Members of the South Florida Kpop Fans Facebook group is organizing a flash mob for the boys. For all updates and to join, click HERE.

If you’re a new fan and want to get to know the boys better before they arrive, here are two recommended fan accounts: GOT7_JYP for English translated updates and GOT7_Thailand for fan photos and videos.


There is no free parking in Miami Beach unfortunately. There are metered lots, street parking, and parking garages.

There is a parking garage across the street from the Fillmore called the Lincoln Road Mall Garage. It is the cheapest, it has security cameras, and it is huge.

20141209_103211 20141209_103122

The garage is located on 17th street and Convention Center Dr. The picture below with the yellow arrows shows the view in front of the garage.


If you’re driving East on 17th Ave, you’ll have no trouble turning right to enter the garage at the main entrance. However, if you’re driving West on 17th Ave, you can’t make a left turn on Convention Center Dr. to enter the garage. Don’t worry, there is another entrance in the back. Just turn left on Meridian Ct. The entrance will be on your left (Lincoln Ln and Meridian)

20141209_124447 20141209_124800

If you decide to do meter parking instead, remember, they do not provide change back. The rate per hour starts at $1.75 and up. It is easy to use, just follow the prompts. It will ask for your parking zone number. It can be found on the meter you’re using. I highly advise you put MORE than enough so you can enjoy your time at the fanmeet without worrying about your car. Miami Beach Street Parking Patrol is very thorough when it comes to giving out tickets and booting your car.


Below, you’ll see pictures on how the venue looks like from the street. The Fillmore is on Washington Ave (white arrow) and 17th Ave (red arrow). To get to Lincoln Road from the venue, you’ll have to walk down Washington Ave. As the black arrow indicates, walk South and you’ll arrive on Lincoln Road in less than three minutes.

20141209_104231 20141209_104153 3

Free rides around Miami Beach!


(Cr: Swoop Facebook)

Want to visit the other side of South Beach? Swoop offer free rides within the community.

A lot of kpop fans are young and can’t wander off too far. There may be fans who won’t have their own personal transportation. Some fans may be on a time constraint or a budget. Basically, only conveniently close locations that won’t break the bank will be mentioned. You can always Google search to see what else is out there (I recommend Yelp with your GPS on). If you’re over 21 and would like some more adult orientated suggestions (bars, clubs, restaurants, etc) feel free to contact or tweet me 🙂


Shake Shack


(Cr: Shake Shack Facebook)

West Coast have their In-N-Out burgers, East Coast have Shake Shack! For now, there are only a few locations throughout the coast. So I highly recommend taking the opportunity to try it! Want to know how big of a deal Shake Shack is? Check this out and see why Kidoh gave it a shoutout lol.

Sriracha House


(Cr: Sriracha House Facebook)


Noodles. Fruit Tea. Enough said.

La Sandwicherie

20170114_110725 20170114_113546

This well known outdoor french sandwich shop has been around for almost 30 years. Open almost 24 hours, very filling, and the best customer service.

McDonald’s, Subway, and Starbucks

I have friends who are picky eaters or nervous about trying new things. There is a McDonald’s (storefront with free wi-fi and a walk by) and a Subway, both with 24 hour locations. Need coffee? There are more than 3 Starbucks locations near the venue, all close after midnight.


We have a movie theater on Lincoln Road. Regal Cinema!

20141209_122831 20141209_122652 20141209_122645

You can rent a bike and ride along the beach! Lincoln Road is pedestrian friendly. No riding down that road between 9am – 2am. But you may ride anywhere else.

20141209_121854 20141209_121911

This post will continually be updated as information is released until the day of the fanmeet. I am in no way claiming to be working or affiliated with anyone on this tour. Just a fan 🙂


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