161015 & 161022 Hello Kitty Cafe Truck in South Florida

The official Hello Kitty Cafe truck finally made its way to South Florida.


The truck visited Boca Raton at the Town Center last Saturday and made it’s final appearance in Miami yesterday.

20161015_110059_wm 20161015_105328_wm 20161015_105655_wm 20161015_105841_wm

In Boca Raton, the event was held at the Town Center Mall. Only 3 prepackaged desserts and bottled water were on the “menu”. Mostly Hello Kitty merchandise was available to purchase. Pictured here is the 4 piece petit cake set.

20161022_085158_wm 20161022_104240_wm 20161022_115922_wm

In Miami, the event was held at the Dadeland Mall. I arrived at 9am and got to be one of the first 50 customers in line. So I had the opportunity to buy the limited edition “Hello Kitty For President 2016” cookie. It came with a bumper sticker. It was very cute but the flavor was plain.


Unless fresh desserts or refreshments are available, I do not plan on visiting the truck again if it were to make another appearance. It is fun to experience one or twice but the prices and small selection was disappointing. I believe this caters mostly to the die hard Hello Kitty stans. I definitely plan to check out the real cafe in California if I’m in the area.


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