Time to go visit Ohho Noodles Market in Coral Gables


I was craving noodles a few weeks ago and found Ohho Noodles Market after some research. I had such a great experience, I decided it should be the next featured restaurant.

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The restaurant is located less than five minutes away from the University of Miami. Noodles are served after 10:30am. When you walk in, there is a table of Asian baked goods and a section that contains refrigerated Asian desserts and drinks to your right. There is regular soda and juice as well.

20160910_105823_wm 20160917_112725_wm

For those of you who aren’t adventurous when it comes to food, there are several safe options such as fried rice and ramen noodles. I decided to try dishes I’ve never had before. From the stir noodles section, I ordered the Yaki Soba with chicken. It was a little sweet due to the Japanese mayo. It was delicious. From the noodles soup section, I had the Tom Yum with beef. This Thai dish was a little spicy with a lime flavor. I loved it.

20160910_105356_wm 20160917_112500_wm

Bubble Tea is on the menu however I learned it is made with powder. I only enjoy the real thing so I skipped it. Pictured on the left is Thai Tea made with half and half milk. It is so addicting. You do have the option to add boba. I definitely plan on doing that next time. On the right is Vietnamese coffee. It’s served with a dripper. Once it is done, you stir it with the condensed milk then pour it over ice.


I love the dessert selection. The very first photo is the green tea Japanese honey brick toast. The thick but soft brick toast was served warm with honey, fruit and red beans. There are other flavor combinations available. Pictured right above is the Thai Tea flavored bingsoo with praline waffers. Light and very flavorful. Crepes and cakes are also available.

Ohho Noodles Market quickly became one of my favorite restaurants in South Florida. I already made plans to visit for the third time but with a group of friends. I hope you become a fan as well.

1100 S Dixie Hwy, Coral Gables, FL 33146. Tel: (305) 663-5881. Official website.



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