DanAkaDan and JunCurryAhn visits Miami during Unttld Tour


Last week, the Korean Culture Club at FIU posted an event on Facebook. It was announced that Dan Mattews and Jun Sung Ahn will perform at FIU (South Campus) on April 16th.


(Cr: Jun Sung Ahn Facebook)

Dan Mattews (DanAkaDan) is an alternative hip hop artist and YouTuber from Los Angeles. As a Korean adoptee, he chronicled his personal story of when he reunited with his biological family. You can watch his entire documentary on Dramafever. He’s been featured on Entertainment Weekly, the Korean TV network Arirang and so much more. He is currently the executive producer of ISAtv (International Secret Agents), a platform founded by Far East Movement and Wong Fu Productions to help empower the Asian Pacific American community.

It was so cool seeing Dan literally go around and interact with everyone in the crowd. He performed some of his songs and shared his stories as an adoptee. He was kind enough to even let us listen to his twin brother rap on a song they wrote together. We all cracked up when he was adamant about visiting a Cuban restaurant and asked for recommendations lol.

20160416_200533_wm 20160416_195449_wm

Jun Sung Ahn (Jun Curry Ahn) is a Korean artist from Chicago. He is well known for his violin and dance covers of popular OSTs, kpop and pop songs. He’s performed around Asia, modeled for the Korean fashion company YesStyle, collaborated with singers such as Boram Park, and so much more. With over 770k YouTube subscribers, I’m looking forward to seeing where his success will take him next.

Before this week, I never imagined I would be able to see Jun Curry Ahn perform live. He covered several Big Bang songs, Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself, and an OST from Descendants Of The Sun. The audience swayed as he played and swooned a little when he laughed at us singing along lol.

20160416_201847_wm 20160416_201852_wm

After the performances, there was a meet and greet. The guys were sweet. I had so much fun. Thank you to the Korean Culture Club at FIU for this event, especially Risa.


Follow Dan Matthews: YouTubeTwitter, Facebook, Instagram. Watch him on ISAtv.

Follow Jun Sung Ahn: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Official Website and iTunes.


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