Gabose Pocha brings Korean street food to South Florida


Gabose Pocha is right next door to its “older sibling”, Gabose. This restaurant is more of a pub that focuses on street food, tapas and fun delicious drinks. After I showed all my pictures to my friend in Korea, she said it reminded her of a pojangmacha. It is a wrapped tent or cart that serves food. By the way, be sure to click on the links throughout the post 🙂 You will be directed to Instagram to see more of the Korean food mentioned here.

20160315_175159 20160315_173314 20160315_173109 20160315_173803

Every time I visited, I enjoyed listening to the kpop and k-hip hop songs that played in the background. I always went early because I wanted to take clear pictures before it got dark out but I definitely plan on being a regular late visitor with friends to enjoy the atmosphere more.


While trying to decide what to order, I was served with corn chips on one occasion, and house made potato chips on the other. They came with sirarcha, mayo and soy sauce with scallions. The mayo and the potato chips is my favorite combination. I’m sure their Korean chicken wings and ramen are delicious but I decided to try new dishes.

20160315_171532 20160322_171505 20160315_172135 20160315_172848

The complementary Pajeon or green onion pancake was quite tasty. It was topped with cheese and ketchup. The first thing I ordered was the Bulgogi Doria. Doria is a Japanese rice gratin dish. The version pictured here is made with baked Bulgogi, fried rice and topped with cheese. I’m looking forward to trying the kimchi version next time.

20160315_172336 20160315_172435 20160322_172355 20160322_173536

I also ordered a Chicken Shake. It is fried popcorn chicken served in a brown paper bag. Pictured here is their lemon pepper. It was really fun to eat lol. I am a big fan of the Doshirak. It is a bento box filled with rice, shredded seaweed, fried egg and spam. Also pictured above is the Mandu Gyeranmari or dumpling egg log. It is an egg omelet filled with steamed dumplings and topped with gravy and ketchup. This dish is very filling.

20160315_171608 20160322_171639

I love how Gabose Pocha serves traditional drinks but also unique versions of it. For those who do no like to drink alcohol, above you see a strawberry basil infused sprite. It is originally made with soju. On the right you see traditional Makkoli. It is Korean rice wine and it is not as strong as soju.


As of now, out of all the drinks I’ve tried, their Cream Makoli is my favorite. It is a blended cocktail made with the rice wine, shaved ice, cream and drizzled with honey on top.

This restaurant is well known for the seafood they fly in from Korea by the way. I plan on trying some when they are in season.

20160315_171741 20160315_171651

Stay tuned for an update in the near future. Dessert is a must for this post 🙂

4933 N University Dr, Lauderhill, FL 33351. Tel: (954) 999-0603. Official Facebook and Instagram.



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