Request Hallyu Entertainment to make a stop in Miami

This is an update about requesting Kpop All Night in Miami. Below you will find the original post.


(Cr: Hallyu Ent Facebook)

On March 31st, Hallyu Entertainment made an announcement that in order for a city to be considered, a Facebook event page must be created with at least 150 members.


(Original Post)

There is a Florida Kpop All Night event page. It appears that Orlando is the intended city. Click HERE to join. If you wish to help spread word about Miami, mention it HERE on Hallyu Ent’s post with the updated announcement.


(Screengrap from FL Kpop All Night Facebook)

Original Post….

On my personal Instagram account, I follow kpopmiami. This morning, they posted interesting news!


(Cr: Hallyu Ent Facebook)

Hallyu Entertainment is a company based in Texas that throws Asian pop culture based events. Starting in January, they’re taking their Kpop All Night event nationwide.


(Cr: Hallyu Ent Facebook)

Kpop All Night is basically a kpop club like party. They are giving kpop fans the opportunity to bring this event to their city. Visit their Facebook post HERE and request them to make a stop in Miami during their 2016 tour.


(Cr: Hally Ent Facebook)

From looking at their past Kpop All Night events, this is not a rinky dink children’s party. You have to dress to impress, there are drink specials like soju and sake bombs, they give out free kpop posters or lightsticks to the first 50+ guests, prize money for cosplayers, they have djs spinning hits from Korea and more.

Thank you again Kpopmiami for letting fans know about this great opportunity. Be sure to follow them!

Visit Hallyu Entertainment’s official website and Facebook.



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