151219 Kpoppin USA’s grand opening at its new location

I kept my eye on Kpoppin USA after the announcement was made that it was relocating. As a frequent shopper and grateful fan of the owner for everything he’s done for us, I was really looking forward to the next grand opening.


Let’s fast forward to yesterday. After an hour drive from North Miami, I arrived about 20 minutes before 10am. I was happy to see there was a line. I knew it was going to be an exciting morning.

20151219_094635_wm 20151219_104149_wm 20151219_103925_wm 20151219_102910_wm

The store had a kpop wonderland atmosphere lol. There were posters everywhere. I saw signed albums and fan lights in glass cases. There were snacks and drinks on shelves. I immediately went to the back of the store to check out the albums.

20151219_104542_wm 20151219_101918_wm 20151219_103139_wm 20151219_102053_wm

Once again, there was a very nice selection. They don’t just carry albums for big groups but also the less popular ones as well. The prices were extremely fair as well. On top of the albums were dozens of idol masks. Only $5 each.


While browsing, I got caught up with other fans in watching the kdrama, You’re Beautiful lol.

20151219_100913_wm 20151219_103052_wm

After picking out the cds I wanted, I found myself at the back corner of the store. There was a variety of cute plushies on the wall. I decided to check out the apparel next.

20151219_104324_wm 20151219_101626_wm 20151219_101438_wm 20151219_103456_wm

What you see here doesn’t come close to what was available. There were general kpop shirts with funny or cute phrases to specific idol apparel. There were different kind of bags and jewelry. The hats were my favorite. The prices ranged from $20 to $30.


Unlike the previous location, Kpoppin USA added an anime section. As an anime fan myself, I couldn’t wait to see the complete stock since they were still unpacking .

20151219_103237_wm 20151219_102414_wm 20151219_103324_wm

I got excited after seeing the Attack on Titan, Free and Kuroko’s Basketball dolls. I checked my phone after it vibrated and couldn’t believe it was already after 12pm. I was having so much fun, I lost track of time.


I want to thank the owner for all his hard work. He only had 20 days after acquiring the location when it usually takes longer because he wanted to give fans an opportunity to do some Christmas shopping. I want to also thank everyone who volunteered. I fully acknowledge you played a role in helping the store open on time.

6669 Lake Worth Road, Lake Worth, FL, 33467. Tel: 561-444-2267. Official website. Frequently check the official Facebook page for updates and announcements.


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