Travel Post – End of the year vacation in California

I just got back from my first non-kpop based trip to California. I’m really grateful my friend suggested this. From seeing snow for the first time at below sea level to enjoying delicious bubble milk tea, it was a great week.  If you are looking for ideas on what to do or where to eat, hopefully this post will help.


One night in October, my friend spontaneously said she was ready for a vacation. We booked a ticket that same night. Two months later…..

20151202_094443_wmI left Miami for a week. My friend is from another city so we met up at LAX. We picked up our rental and looked for a boba spot near by lol.There was really bad indoor lighting 😦 so no bubble tea porn to show. After that, we stopped at a huge Korean galleria and did some grocery shopping.


If you’re into kpop or current events in Korea, I’m sure you’ve heard about the famous honey butter chips. That same company released other flavors. Pictured above, you see Honey Tong Tong. They had plain honey, honey strawberry and honey apple flavored chips 😮

20151203_064947_wm 20151203_064847_wm

After hours of driving, we arrived at Death Valley National Park around 11:30pm. We had a room booked at their ranch. We took basically a nap lol before we left to see the sunrise. We went to Zabriskie Point. It was beautiful.


One day while driving to our next destination at the park, my friend spotted snow. When she told me, I pulled over and took over 30 pictures lol. For the first time, I finally get to see snow!!

20151203_125924_wm 20151203_162817_wm

We had a nice hike at Mosaic Canyon. I think that was my favorite part of the trip. My pictures don’t do it justice at all. On the right is the view from Dante’s Ridge at sunset.

20151204_152958_wm 20151204_144739_wm

After staying at Death Valley for a couple days, we went on a road trip to our next destination. I enjoyed the view along the way. We stopped at The Corner’s Cafe for lunch in Victorville. Everyone was so nice. I had the turkey club. I was full after I finished the first half so I saved the second half for dinner lol.

20151205_090359_wm 20151205_091651_wm 20151205_093802_wm 20151205_093841_wm

After a good sleep at our hotel, we left for Palm Springs the next morning to ride on the Aerial Tramway. The floor rotated on our way up. The view was incredible.

20151205_094852_wm 20151205_100932_wm

There is a cafe and restaurant at the top. I wasn’t hungry so I just enjoyed the view. I saw snow again!


The next day, we drove to the Joshua Tree National Park.

20151205_131442_wm 20151205_141834_wm 20151205_144753_wm 20151205_155621_wm

There are many places to visit. We stopped by a couple camping sites, did a little hiking and visited the Cholla Cactus garden.


The next day, we bought Island Packers tickets to get to the Santa Cruz Island. It is one of the Channel Islands, a national park!

20151206_085459_wm 20151206_111008_wm 20151206_102830_wm 20151206_103320_wm

The boat ride was great. We saw dolphins next to us. When we arrived, we checked out the visitors center and learned a little about the history of the island. I went for a walk on a trail while my friend went on a hike.


It is now time to spend some time in Los Angeles!! The next day, we had ramen for breakfast at Hakata Ramen Shin Sen Gumi in Rosemead. Pictured here is their pork ramen. I added a hard boiled egg. I really enjoyed it.

20151207_120642_wm 20151207_121113_wm

We immediately went for bubble tea after breakfast. AU79 Tea House is real close to Hakata. For those who are not eating in, there is a special corner to order from.


Pictured here is their honey milk tea with boba. SO GOOD!!!!!

20151207_123330_wm 20151207_123418_wm

Annnd immediately after that, we went for more bubble tea lol. We visited the famous Half & Half Tea House. They originated honey boba!


Pictured above is their fresh milk green tea with warm boba. It was HEAVEN! I still hope they plan to open a location in North Miami lol.


That same day, my friend and I met up with some lovely ladies and spent the rest of the day with them. We went to Laguna Beach for drinks but made sure to take pictures of the beach.


Crawfish was the topic of the night so we went to Shackie’s Seafood and Oyster Bar in Westminster for dinner.

20151207_193232_wm 20151207_193921_wm 20151207_195001_wm 20151207_195142_wm

I had so much fun watching the ladies show me how they were to be eaten. If you’re not into seafood, there are nice options for you too. Pictures here is their Cajun garlic fries and cheesy Seafood Shack Baguette. Not pictured here is their garlic noodles. I recommend that as well.


The next day, I found myself back on the plane, leaving California. I learned so much and experienced so many firsts during the trip. I’m grateful my friend thought of all this. What a way to end the year.


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