Let’s bring MyMusicTaste’s EXO’luXion tour to Miami

After teasing us with clues, MyMusicTaste announced that they will be bringing Exo on a North American tour, the The EXO PLANET #2 – The EXO’luXion, in February 2016.

What makes this tour special is that the fans choose the city and “make” the artist perform there! For more detailed information about the entire process, visit their about page.

I’m sure the boys would love to brag that they got to visit and perform in Miami lol. We need to work together and make this happen. Now let’s complete the first stage. Below you will find a tutorial on what is needed to be done in order to do that. To visit the Miami campaign, click here. A user account is necessary for anything to count. Make sure you create one before you take any action!

ExoMake3After you sign in, click on the “Make” button.

ExoMake2Invite friends and post a message or your “Maker’s note”. We need 30 invites and 50 notes. Please do not spam, this will be frowned upon :/


Click on the Facebook and Twitter share buttons on the board. We need 50 shares each!

Please spread word about this! Hopefully we can work together and unlock the second part of this stage. Once that happens, we will update this post!

Thank you MyMusicTaste for creating this opportunity for us 🙂 Be sure to follow them for updates- Official website and Twitter.



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