The Alchemist delivers coffee, slicers and tranquility


I learned about The Alchemist on Yelp and immediately added it to my list of places I wanted to try. Unfortunately the Broward location is not conveniently close to north Miami. I was finally in town yesterday thanks to an appointment so I was excited to visit for lunch.

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The coffee shop is located in a garden. There is both indoor and outdoor seating. I saw a group of people with yoga mats walk in after me. I went inside and the staff was genuinely friendly. I read that their drinks are unique so I ordered hot chocolate and an iced coffee.

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As I was enjoying the peaceful garden, one of the servers brought over my order. The hot chocolate is basically steamed milk and chocolate shavings on the side. You mix in the chocolate yourself. The iced coffee is made up of with milk, sweet condensed milk, brown sugar and 24 hour cold brew. It wasn’t strong and I loved it. I noticed when I finished it that the cubes were brown. I later found out they were “coffee cubes.”

20151104_125220_wm 20151104_125418_wm 20151104_132353_wm 20151104_132435_wm

From pulled pork to nutella with fresh fruit, there is a nice variety of slicers on the menu. All are made with Tuscan bread. I ordered a Turkey and Swiss slicer and a Caprese slicer. I loved how they were served on wood. The Turkey and Swiss had roasted peppers, dijonnaise, tomato, mixed greens and extra virgin olive oil. The Caprese had fresh mozzarella cheese, tomato, basil pesto, extra virgin olive oil and mixed greens. I thought two of these “open faced” sandwiches would make a meal but after they were placed on my bench, I immediately asked to have the Caprese to go lol. They were not small at all.

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit. I’m hoping they will bring back their eggnog latte this year.

2430 NE 13th Ave, Wilton Manors, FL 33305. Official website and Facebook.


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