The Witness, starring Luhan, is coming soon to South Miami

Last night, I saw a list of the selected cities that will screen Luhan’s latest film in North America go viral in the kpop community on Twitter. I’m so excited that China Lion Film announced yesterday that Miami will be one of those cities!!


(Cr: The Witness Weibo)

Based on the Korean film, The Blind (블라인드), The Witness (我是证人) is a crime thriller about a boy who witnesses a murder and must protect a blind woman, who also is a witness. Former EXO member, Lu Han, is one of the actors starring in it.

After I read Kpopstarz’s article the other day about the film premiering on October 30 in the U.S, I thought it’ll only be in California and New York. The AMC Sunset Place theater in South Miami is the only theater in Florida that will be playing it. Limited screening starts on October 30th. Click here to buy tickets!

[Update] The last day to see the film is Thursday, November 12. It is no longer listed after that day.


(Cr: China Lion’s Facebook)

Thank you China Lion Film for bringing the film to North America! Check out their official WeiboTwitter and Facebook. The Witness’ official Weibo.


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