Food trucks in Hollywood aka comfort food galore

Whether you are visiting South Florida for a kpop event or you’re a local, you need to eat. Arts Park in Hollywood, Florida is the place to be on Monday nights. From 5:30 – 9:30, you’ll find over 20 food trucks ready to feed your comfort food fix. Below, in no particular order, I suggest some of my favorites.


Burger Beast, a well known comfort food connoisseur, is the man behind this awesome event. Check out his blog and Instagram!

Nacho Bizness

20150921_174424_wm 20150921_174617_wm 20160125_180222_wm

Nacho Bizness is in a league of its own when it comes to fusion food. From jerk chicken tacos to spicy Korean pulled pork quesadillas, you can never go wrong with your order. EVERYTHING on their menu is an explosion of flavor.

Official website, Instagram and Facebook.

Boba Station

20150803_174405_wm 20150831_180149_wm 20150914_175421_wm

If you know how REAL bubble tea taste like, you also know there are VERY FEW places to find it in South Florida. If you’re in a mood for milk tea, fruit tea, a smoothie or a slushie, Boba Station is your truck. They have a very nice variety of toppings as well. Check them out!

Official website, Instagram and Twitter.

Woody’s Burgers

20150803_180718_wm 20150831_174200_wm

I stopped at Woody’s for the first time earlier this year. After trying their Coronary Burger (pictured), I was hooked! I’m craving that Cheese, fried egg, grilled onions and garlic sauce on a thick, fresh beef patty right now.

Official website, Facebook and Instagram.

Marlie’s Delights

20150907_173001_wm 20150907_181328_wm 20160521_180910_wm

You can find vanilla cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies everywhere. Marlie’s Delights stood out to me with their unique desserts. Pictured here is their lemon blueberry almond mini bundt cake and pina colada cake. I had their banana fosters a few months ago and it was heaven.

Official website, Instagram and Facebook.

Top Fries

20150914_181729_wm 20150914_180158_wm

Thick, hot, crispy golden fries topped with creamy sauce made up of bacon, Parmesan and a little garlic. Enough said. I saw a father and daughter sharing an order while two police officers waited for theirs and it hit me how everyone loves french fries. I have my eye on their taco fries with chipotle mayo next.

Official Facebook.

Monster Burgers

20150921_173547_wm 20150907_173935_wm

What is a Monster Burger? A mozzarella cheeseburger with bacon, tomato, lettuce, crushed potato chips, ketchup, and their unique monster sauces. You can’t find this anywhere else. Their crazy but delicious menu gained many loyal customers, including me.

Official Instagram and Facebook.

FOAR (…the love of food)

20150803_180517_wm 20151019_172834_wm 20150803_175526_wm 20151019_174540_wm

FOAR’s menu is inspired by countries around the world. I’m a fan of their Singaporean inspired dish, Nasi Lemak. It has coconut rice, special sriracha marinated chicken, fried egg and drizzled with more sriracha. They also have a nice variety of their pacos (pancake taco). Their Chorita is made up of a fried egg, chorizo, cheese, and their special relish. They also release seasonal limited edition flavors like The Fall Guy. The apple butter cream, sauteed apple, caramel, wet walnuts, and the whipped cream and cinnamon topping is delicious.

Official website, Instagram and Facebook.

20150907_174806_wm 20150907_180834_wm

Arts Park is located in downtown Hollywood, Florida. It is a great place to hang out with your friends, family or maybe just by yourself. Also, parking is free! If you’re not comfortable trying new things, plenty of trucks sell pizza, ice cream, BBQ and so much more. Bookmark Burger Beast’s event page to see who is coming next week!

1 Young Circle, Hollywood, FL 33020


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