Paris Morning Bakery – South Florida’s new French inspired Korean bakery


I was in the mood for Korean food a couple weeks ago so I went on Yelp to search for a restaurant. While reading comments, one reviewer mentioned a new Korean bakery had opened less than 2 months ago. I visited California several times and I always made sure to stop by k-town. I loved going to the bakeries. I had almost shed a tear after learning there is now one in South Florida. After doing some digging, I found Paris Morning Bakery. I noticed the similarities between that and a popular Korean chain I am a big fan of. I bookmarked the directions from Miami and made plans to go after my next pay day lol.

20150601_121035_wm 20150601_115425_wm 20150601_114823_wm

I arrived yesterday around 11:30am. I purposely came before the lunch hour because I wanted to be able to converse with the employees. After I received permission to take pictures, I skipped to the breads and picked up my tray.


I was told they usually receive more bread and they kept apologizing. I wanted to hug the ladies there lol. They were so sweet and I told them I was very happy with the selection. They get a lot more on weekends so I know I’ll be visiting again real soon.

20150601_12003_wm 20150601_120510_wm 20150601_114448_wm

There were bags of different flavors of cookies, samples of some of their bread, brownies, donuts, Korean drinks in a refrigerator, etc. They had bread infused with traditional Korean food like kimchi and red bean. They also had butter cream, mocha, coffee cream flavored bread and so much more. After walking around several times lol, I finally decided on the lemon pound cake and hamster bread. Of course I chose bubble milk tea for my beverage.

20150601_114327_wm 20150601_114402_wm

The hamster bread was heavier than it looked. It had a white bean paste filling. I didn’t know it even existed. I am so used to seeing red bean paste. It had a light sweet flavor. The ears and feet were made of almonds. I loved the lemon pound cake. Light but tasty flavor. Have you noticed I keep saying “light”? This is one of the reasons why I love Asian pastries.


Their bubble teas are unfortunately made with powder. I still enjoyed the original flavored milk tea I ordered but unless the bakery start making authentic bubble teas, I do not plan on ordering this again. The tapicoca was perfect, soft and chewy.

20150601_111749_wm 20160127_120240_wm

If you love cake as much as I do, make sure to call before you visit if you want to enjoy a slice. The bakery sales whole cakes everyday but individual slices are available on random days. Yesterday, they had sweet potato cake and cheesecake slices available. I bought the cheesecake. The cake was light and fluffy but still flavorful. I can’t wait to try their green tea and their cream cake. I had the chance to try a slice of their mocha cake with buttercream frosting later on. Delicious!


I read their bing soo is a LARGE serving. I chose to try that next time because I wanted to try a variety of things this visit. Remember this is a gourmet bakery so you will find some items that are a bit pricey. However I believe everything is worth it.

Davie: 4900 S. University Drive, Unit #110, Davie, FL 33328. Telephone: 954- 234 – 2838.

There are more locations. Visit their website and Instagram. Make sure you keep your eye on their Facebook for specials and updates.



I visited the bakery when it was only about two months old. It has grown significantly since then. Dumplings are now available like the kimchi flavored dumplings pictured below. Of course, now there is more variety in bread and desserts. I finally tried their bingsoo! Pictured above is their mango bingsoo.

20150923_121606_wm 20150923_121730_wm



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