150418 Saturday at the Hatsume Fair


Saturday, April 18th, 2015. Right after I clocked out of work, I drove straight to Delray Beach. I was excited. The fair started at 11am but I arrived around 12:30pm. It was hot out but I felt the excitement in the air. I saw people of different ages and backgrounds dressed up or shopping. That is one of the main reasons why I love this event.

When you walk in, you immediately see the big tent were all the anime vendors were. Kpoppin USA and Tate’s Comics had the biggest tables.

20150418_162431_wm 20150418_131042_wm 20150418_140717_wm 20150418_134110_wm

Tate’s Comics were selling everything from Japanese snacks to manga and rare anime figurines. I bought these lemon creme filled crackers and they were delicious. I was so tempted in purchasing an Attack On Titan volume.

20150418_130413_wm 20150418_130429_wm 20150418_140842_wm

Kpoppin USA had a beautiful variety of cds and other merchandise on sale. They also had their HD kpop music videos on blast to the point I couldn’t hold back. I started dancing and singing along while going through their display table. “Blow your mind, kara Mr. Simple

20150418_131348_wm 20150418_131107_wm 20150418_131208_wm

Like I mentioned previously, attendees were able to get up to three T-shirts printed for free or purchase the already printed official T-shirts. I visited the tent several times throughout the day and there was always a line. Wow.

20150418_140245_wm 20150418_140424_wm 20150418_140350_wm 20150418_162741_wm

There were other vendors that attended of course. Unfortunately, I did not get one of the table’s company name since they didn’t have a sign on display. People were buying wigs, toys, color contacts, kimonos and so much more.


Before I left to do some exploring, I found my first group of cosplayers.

20150418_131414_wm 20150418_163526_wm 20150418_163557_wm 20150418_163543_wm

Once I stepped out of the anime tent, there were smaller tents with different types of other vendors. Of course, there was a lot more than what you see pictured above.

20150418_132333_wm 20150418_171657_wm 20150418_132233_wm 20150418_163843_wm 20150418_134443_wm

I hadn’t eaten since breakfast so I decided to get lunch. The food vendors did not accept money. Fair attendees had to exchange their money for food tickets. There were two lines, cash and credit. Thank goodness I brought all cash since that line was the shortest.


There was a nice selection of food available. For the kids or adults who weren’t comfortable in trying something new, hamburgers, hot dogs, and ice cream were on the menu. I decided to have steak teriyaki.

20150418_135734_wm 20150418_134527_wm 20150418_134611_wm

After lunch, I decided to do some walking before checking out the theater and Yamato Island. There were different activities going on all around me.

20150418_134542_wm 20150418_134654_wm 20150418_134648_wm 20150418_134626_wm 20150418_135149_wm

Parents were taking pictures of their kids and there were cosplayers taking pictures with beautiful backgrounds provided by Morikami. I heard drums and people cheering so I walked over to the Tokyo Stage. Taiko drummers were performing and the crowd was packed.

20150418_134857_wm 20150418_134730_wm 20150418_152457_wm

After the performance, I saw a group of cosplayers. I decided to become one of the paparazzi and take a picture of them. I did a little bit of walking around the garden before I head over to the cornell cafe to enjoy some shade and a snack.

20150418_141818_wm 20150418_143013_wm 20150418_143619_wm 20150418_145025_wm

When I arrived, two girls in bright costumes immediately caught my eye. After I politely took their picture, I got in line for the cafe. The line was long but thank goodness the wait wasn’t. Luckily, I found a seat after I purchased pork egg rolls and a water bottle. Both the breeze and the view from where I sat was nice.

20150418_150313_wm 20150418_150240_wm 20150418_150251_wm

Right next to the cafe was the museum’s store and theater. There was a cute little sweet shop set up by the entrance. I bought a cold non-sweet jasmine tea and poked around the store.

20150418_150419_wm 20150418_150500_wm 20150418_151345_wm

I saw a sign for karaoke. I had no idea this was one of the activities available. When I sat down and this girl named Sam started singing, I knew I made it just in time. She sang “Splash! Free” from the anime “Free! Iwatobi Swim Club” and I started cheering out loud. She was wonderful and I had so much fun.

20150418_170342_wm 20150418_170454_wm 20150418_170614_wm 20150418_170710_wm 20150418_170643_wm

I realized it was about 30 minutes until the costume contest. I thought I’d be early enough to get a good seat but I totally wrong. Apparently a lot more people were looking forward to contest as well. I apologize for my pictures. My phone’s zoom lowered the quality but you can still see how much work the contestants had put into their outfits.

20150418_170430_wm 20150418_170435_wm

This made me literally laugh out loud.

20150418_172154_wm 20150418_172331_wm 20150418_172348_wm 20150418_172236_wm 20150418_172257_wm

I had a little bit more time before the fair ended so I went back to Yamato to check out the museum. I first entered the room where you can learn about the history of the Yamato Colony. Some parts of the museum actually lets you interact with the displays.

20150418_172025_wm 20150418_172000_wm 20150418_172048_wm 20150418_172123_wm

I walked into a classroom and found the museum’s KitKat Kraze display. In case you didn’t know, KitKat is basically a cult product in Japan. I admit, I want to try as many flavors as I can.


It was almost five so it was time for me to starting walking back. On my way out, I bought a nice cold cup of lemonade. I guess I was really thirsty because I couldn’t remember when I had lemonade that tasted this good. The exit was by the anime tent so I took one last look before I left. I was shocked to find there was still a line for the official t-shirts.

I had a great day and I’m already looking forward to next year. If you don’t live too far away from Delray Beach, I highly recommend you attend in 2016.


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