Bring Epik High to Miami! #EpikHighTour

Epik High is so legendary, I don’t even know how to start this post honestly lol.

(I never link translations but you have to read this.)


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On April 8th, news broke that this alternative hip hop group from Seoul will be touring North America this year. Unfortunately, Miami was not listed.


(Cr: YG Ent Twitter)

gLWhskaoR ChaIDPFlf

I basically gave up on the thought of them coming to Florida until I saw this tweet this morning…


(Original Tweet)


(Cr: Epik High Facebook)

Members Tablo, Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz made their debut in 2003. They released their 8th Studio album Shoebox last year and it reached number one on Billboard’s World Albums chart.


(Original Tweet)

Seeing how they are serious in considering adding another venue, I think it is time we come together and try to make it happen. I saw some fans tweeting the American Airlines Arena. It’s obvious they are not taking the time to help the organizers. Why else would you tweet them a location that sits 20,000 people? For only 1-4k fans, it will NOT be a good investment. We want Epik High/YG to come back so they need have a GREAT experience here. After doing some research, I figured the James L Knight Center in downtown Miami or The Fillmore in Miami Beach will be great for what they are looking for.

The James L Knight Center has 4,569 seats according to their website.


The Fillmore did not state how many they can seat on their website so I personally called. The representative told me with assigned seating, they can take about 2,400. Here are some different seating charts posted on Ticketmaster.

Fillmore1 Fillmore2 Fillmore3

Ok Floridian High Skoolers. Make some noise and tell @epikhigh2015 to come to Miami. Share this post with your friend and spread the word. Remember to tag the venue’s twitter. James L Knight Center’s twitter is @JamesLKnight2 and The Fillmore’s twitter is @FillmoreMB

To keep up to date on tour news, contests, and behind the scenes exclusives, follow the staff in charge on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The staff running the twitter account personally help and answer questions too, which is so awesome.

Check out Billboard‘s article as they break down Epik High’s latest masterpiece, Shoebox.

[Update: Miami has now been added to their list of cities Epik High will NOT be visiting unfortunately.]


(Original Tweet)


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