2NE1’s CL is to perform in Miami at Ultra 2015

CL had American Blackjacks go crazy when she tweeted today that she’s here in Miami!


(Original Tweet)

Le Chaelin (mostly known by her stage name CL) is a member and leader of one of the hottest South Korean girl groups, 2NE1. This dynamic quartet have fans all over the world. CL is currently preparing for her American solo debut this year.


Yesterday, Scooter Braun’s artist manager tweeted this cryptic message. CL is signed under SB for her American debut. Rumor has it she is in Miami to perform with Skrillex tonight at the Ultra Music Festival. Ultra is held here in Miami every year. People travel from all over the world just to attend this weekend outdoor EDM party. Skrillex is scheduled to perform at 10:10 according to the official website.

ultra festival

CL and her fellow YG labelmate G-Dragon worked with Skrillex before on his track “Dirty Vibe”. His album and the music video were released last year.

You can livestream Ultra here or here!

If you’re on twitter and want to spazz with other 2NE1 fans, follow the trend #CLinUltra2015

Follow CL on Twitter, Instagram, and check out 2NE1’s official website.

Update! CL confirmed she’s with Skrillex!!! At 7:01pm EST, she posted on Instagram a picture of her with the DJ practicing.



(Original Post)

Update: Alright. CL finished performing on stage with Diplo, Skrillex and Diddy! Here is the OFFICIAL upload of the set.


(Original Tweet)

Billboard released an article about Skrillex’s headlining set at Ultra and mentions CL!

CL’s label YG released TWO articles about her performance here in Miami. You can read these articles here and here.


(Original Tweet)

Popular Kpop news media reported about this as well! Soompi, Koreaboo, Kpopstarz, Kpop Buddy, Netizenbuzz

DIG SHIG tumblr_nm0adqww1N1qzw150o1_500 SBIG SIG IG

(Image credits: Diplo’s Instagram, song writer Sarah Hudson‘s Instagram, Scooter Braun artist manager’s Tumblr, Scooter Braun’s Instagram, Skrillex’s Instagram, photographer Maria Govea’s Instagram)


(Screengrab from Miami New Times)

I was scrolling through The Miami New Times slide show of Ultra and found CL’s photo was posted too! I’m so happy for her. (CL’s photo was taken by George Martinez)


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