Kpop Con USA 2015 Guide

I am getting so hyped about this event. Kpop Con USA is a kpop convention that will be held at the Miami Airport Convention Center, June 19 – 21, 2015. The epic people who run Kpoppin USA and the South Florida Kpop Fans Facebook group are behind this three day festivity. It will be packed with guests, panels, contests, and so much more. I will try to make this guide basically be your one stop shop on everything you need and want to know.


(Cr: Kpop Con USA Twitter)

Check out their website and be sure to follow: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr.


[Update] Tickets are no longer available for purchase online. However, you can still purchase them at Kpoppin USA or at the door at the convention.

Ticket Types:

VIP 3 day pass ($70 + fees): This pass gives you a lot of perks. You get early admittance to all three days, front row seats at the events, and MORE! It also includes a free gift, a light stick from either Block B’s US showcase or Topp Dogg’s US showcase.

BlockBLS ToppDoggLS

3 day pass ($50 + fees): Admittance to all three days and you’ll be able to attend the dance party that will be held on Friday and Saturday night!

Friday pass ($20 + fees): Admittance to the convention on Friday and get to attend the dance party held that night.

Saturday pass ($25 + fees): Saturday is the longest day out of the weekend. There will be activities, showcases and there will be a dance party at the end of the night.

Sunday pass ($15 + fees): Admittance to the last day of the convention.

You can purchase the passes at Kpoppin USA as well.


On March 6th, Kpop Con USA announced their first guest. Choreographer Aimee Lee Lucas!

Aimee Lee Lucas is well known for working with big kpop artists like Big Bang, 2NE1 and more. It was a pleasure meeting her back in California at Kcon 2012. I attended one of her classes and she was SO sweet. I look forward to seeing her again. The Korea Times released a great article if you’d like to learn more about her.


Aimee will be conducting a dance workshop on Saturday. It is $5 to attend with regular passes. Payment will be collected at the convention before class begins.


(Cr: Aimee Lee Lucas Website)

Visit her Website and follow her: Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook


The second announced guest is JREKML! These two are well known for their kpop reaction videos and they live in Miami y’all!  I’ve seen some of their videos and they are HILARIOUS! This isn’t the first time they’ve been invited to an event. Check out J.R.E’s behind the scenes Kcon vlog.

Have you seen the latest fan reaction video featuring both J.R.E and KML?

Also, they’ll be doing give aways! Autographed kpop cds, apparel, posters, etc~

Check out their Website and as they always say, become a Sexy Beautiful Person and follow them! Youtube, Facebook, J.R.E’s Twitter, KML’s Twitter.


Another guest was announced. Kpop cover Youtube dancers NYX will be in the building!

Members Isabel, Bailey, and Heather met at a kpop festival in Gangwon back in 2013. With already over 7k subscribers, the trio just recently celebrated their one year anniversary! I am looking forward to hearing more of their story.

Subscribe to their Youtube, like their Facebook, and follow them on Instagram!


Kpop cover singers Coco Avenue will grace us with their presence this June.

From interning on Danny from L.A. to performing at KCON, Jenna and Jennifer were serious when they decided to move to California in order to pursue their dreams.

Follow Coco Avenue on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Wow. We have another announced guest! Popular Kpop Youtube personality Mister Popo will be attending.

Michael aka Mister Popo started doing reaction videos back in 2013 and quickly gained a huge following. When he is not working on his plans to start his own entertainment company or his next trip to Korea, he is releasing videos on his YouTube channel. It is a smorgasbord of kpop related videos.

Make sure to follow him! Twitter, Youtube, 2nd ChannelFacebook, and Instagram


Just when you thought it was over, Kpop Con USA decided to surprise us with more guests, singers Sal-V and DIO! The duo cover kpop songs in English AND Spanish. Check out their latest work!

Show them love: Youtube, Soundcloud, Sal-V’s Twitter and Instagram, DIO’s Twitter and Instagram.



Do you like to sing or rap? There will be a showcase called “Music Core: Kpop Con Special!” on June 19th. If you’re interested in entering, fill out the form. Deadline is on May 21st.

1546225_656095011114167_549120999_n CEHqbhkUsAE1q04 CBKsm7xVEAAnz8c  CD6QE2_UMAAmE89


It is well known fashion plays a big part in kpop. Whether it is at the airport, doing promotions or advertising, everyone will be paying attention to what the idol is wearing. Do you want to walk the runway? There will be a K-Fashion Show on June 21st and models are wanted. Be sure to fill out the form before the deadline, June 2nd.


If you’re interested in entering their dance showcase, fill out the application by May 21, 2015.

I have so much respect for kpop fan artists. Their work is so beautiful and creative.


Here is your chance to show your art. Kpop Con USA is looking for artists. Tables are limited to only six artists so hurry and apply. Click here to read the rules and fill out the form.


There are so many activities! Here is another one. Project Kosplay contest! There are different categories and the winners will win Kpoppin USA store credit.

The judges:


(Image Source)

Madison Bickel (Tumblr, Facebook)


(Image Source)

And Tere Correa! (Deviantart, Youtube)


Did you know that there is an online radio station based in Miami that plays kpop? DJ Narsha plays Kpop, Korean Indie, club hits, etc.


(Image Source)

Korea Love Radio

We used to have a very popular kpop podcast based in Miami. Unfortunately, the hosts are only active on Twitter since they’re too busy to record anymore. All their previous podcasts are still available to listen.


(Image Source)

Asian Pop Addict

I’m sure there are A LOT more kpop based clubs, organizations, and businesses. Here is your chance to put your name out there. There are 10 slots open at the convention for you to promote. Hurry and submit your application because June 1st is the deadline.


You can honestly say Kpop Con USA is all about the fans. It was recently announced that they are looking for a mascot. The winner will be working alongside Melon Draws. Hurry and submit because the deadline is at the end of April!

Update: The deadline to enter your submission has passed and it is now time to vote. Voting period ends on May 22nd!




On Friday June 19th, the guests will perform for Kpop Con USA attendees.


On Friday and Saturday night, Kpop Con USA will throw a rave party. DJ Yigytugd will be on the turn tables. Check out some of his work on his Youtube channel and follow him on Twitter!


Here is the convention’s official program schedule:


Parking is $5 per car. You will have to pay again if you return after leaving the lot.

Kpop Con USA went on pFunk Media to promote this event. Hear what Cynthia had to say at the 24:41 mark.

Interact with others on their official Facebook event page!

[Note: I am not affiliated with anyone mentioned here. I am just a fan spreading the news.]

[Update: The convention is now over but you can read about the first day here.]


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