Sriracha House: Miami Beach’s go-to restaurant for delicious Pan Asian food and bubble tea

This week, I went around Miami Beach looking for restaurants to recommend for visiting Topp Dogg fans. After having lunch at Sriracha House, I knew this place needed a post of its own on my blog.


I arrived at 11am sharp, when doors open. I’m a bubble milk tea addict so I guess I was a little too excited lol. I asked for permission to take pictures. The manager and employees I spoke to were kind. I felt comfortable with the friendly atmosphere.

20141209_110231_wm 20141209_110244_wm 20141209_111151_wm

They have a beautiful variety of bubble tea flavors to choose from. As for the boba, they have the traditional tapioca and popping boba. Great for adults and kids! I ordered a passion fruit flavored bubble tea and a golden milk tea. Both with tapioca.


I decided on udon noodles since I haven’t had that in awhile. I did have my eye on the jasmine rice too. I plan on ordering that next visit 🙂 I chose beef for my protein. I didn’t add a vegetable since the noodles come with a vegetable blend and a stir fried egg. I chose Japanese Teriyaki for my sauce.


My bubble teas arrived first. For $3.75 each, I was happy with the size. I’ve been to places before where I felt like I was ripped off with inflated prices. This was not the case. I had my milk tea first since I knew the passion fruit would go best with the noodles. It was very sweet, cold and the tapioca was soft. Then one of the employees delivered my noodles to my table. It was a little chilly outside that morning so seeing the steam rise from the cart told me I was about to enjoy a nice hot meal.


The vegetables were very crunchy. LOVED IT. The beef was nice and tender. The noodles were not over cooked or under cooked. I was a very happy camper. The manager came to me and asked how was my meal. I gave him an a-ok sign since I was in the middle of a bite lol. The passion fruit bubble tea was DELICIOUS. Very refreshing. Flavorful. Nice balance of tea and passion fruit. Generous portion of soft tapioca. I was in heaven.

20141209_112139_wm 20141209_111618_wm

So I had two bubble teas and an order of beef udon noodles for under $18. Oh yeah, I’ll be coming back again real soon.


1502 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139


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