141115 Kpoppin USA Grand Opening

[Notice: This location is closed. The store moved to Lake Worth (Greenacres), Florida. Check out the NEW Kpoppin USA HERE!]

Two months ago, a close friend of mine told me about a kpop store opening in Broward, Florida. I was so excited.

B2g1kqLIcAEQRbb 20141115_114132_wm

I woke up early and drove from Miami. When I arrived, there was already a line. My heart started racing when the doors opened. I think I even squealed lol. This is no hole in the wall! The store is huge.

20141115_101703_wm 20141115_103505_wm 20141115_105637_wm 20141115_114039_wm 20141115_102901_wm

Kpoppin USA carries both official and unofficial goods. The prices were extremely fair. I saw the prices ranged on average between $15.99 to $19.99 for cds. The masks pictured below, $7.99. Slogans, $15.99.

20141115_102337_wm 20141115_110120_wm 20141115_110814_wm 20141115_114104_wm

I noticed a couple of rooms in the store. An employee told me the rooms can be rented per hour to watch dvds, shows, dramas, etc. Very cool.


The staff was extremely friendly. By the time I was ready to make my purchase, the line was long. But I had no complaints. The friendly atmosphere and watching fanboys and fangirls dancing along to the music videos playing made it fun to wait lol.


I had the chance to speak with the owner. The official website is still under construction but will be up and running soon. Online ordering will be available too. For more information, visit the website: Kpoppin USA. More importantly, keep an eye on their Facebook page for sales, news and updates.

5460 N. University Drive Lauderhill, FL, 33351 Tel: 954-289-8861

UPDATE: KPOPPIN USA IS CLOSING! You have until mid September before they close and look for a new location. Read their announcement below.

(Original Post)

(Original Post)

It was announced on Facebook that they’re looking for a location in Palm Beach county.


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